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Quintessential Quinoa

Category: Grains

Quinoa is a superfood that is so high in protein and nutrients, it’s a  wonderful addition to any pantry!  Here are a few tips on how to cook perfect quinoa every time.


  1. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse!
    Quinoa has a bitter coating that always needs to be rinsed away prior to cooking, so decide how much you’d like to make according to package directions and then measure it out into a medium-sized bowl.  Pour enough cold water over the quinoa to cover it by a few inches, then get a fork or a whisk and stir it vigorously for a few minutes.  Drain it by either pouring into a fine mesh sieve or by covering with a pot lid and straining carefully.  Repeat this process once or twice more, drain very well and then proceed to step #2.
  2. Time for a toast, then cool it!
    Toast well-drained Quinoa in a large, dry frying pan over medium-low heat (do this in a few batches if you can, to avoid over-crowding the pan).  Toast, stirring frequently, until it begins to brown slightly and develops a mildly nutty aroma (it will pop a bit during this process; just a heads up!).  Transfer toasted quinoa to a baking sheet, spread out to cool, then proceed using your favourite recipe or the package directions… BUT, be sure to cook with salt added to the water with a bit of butter/olive oil if you can OR a bouillon cube adds wonderful flavour as well!

***Psst…Now that you’ve got the ‘recipe for success’, so to speak, here’s what to do with all that wonderful quinoa you’ve just made!

  • use in place of rice as a side dish or in any of your favourite recipes 
  • add cooked, cooled quinoa to salads; it’s amazing topped with vinaigrette and is wonderful with tuna, veggies, shredded cheese/nuts for a main course salad
  • add cooked quinoa to soups for a protein boost!  Tomato, minestrone, vegetable and beef barley with quinoa are fabulous!