Georgetown Bread Basket

Donate Money

The Georgetown Bread Basket is a registered charity operated entirely by volunteers and as a result, our administrative costs are very low. This means that the bulk of your food and monetary donations are being used to provide food to our community members in need. Your donations enable us to buy shelf stable foods, fresh meat, produce and dairy products, as well as support a milk and formula voucher program to enhance the nutritional needs of our clients and their children.

A charitable tax receipt will be issued for donations with a monetary value of $10 or greater. Please provide your full name and full mailing address with your donation, so that a receipt can be issued.  We endeavour to mail out receipts for donations (by cheque, cash, e-transfer and PayPal) by the end of the following month.

The following are ways that you can support financially: Cheque or Cash, E-Transfer, PayPal, Canada Helps, and Workplace. Specific instructions for donating are below: 


Cheque or Cash

You can contribute by issuing a cheque payable to “Georgetown Bread Basket” and mail it to, or drop it off at:

Georgetown Bread Basket
49B Mountainview Road North,
Georgetown, Ontario, L7G 4J7

To donate cash please drop by during our opening hours, so we can provide you with a written receipt for your records until you receive the mailed official donation receipt.


You can contribute by sending an e-transfer to (no password required).  Include your name and full mailing address in the message box  OR send an email to  with your name, full mailing address, donation amount and date of donation so that we can mail a charitable tax receipt to you. Please check with your financial institution for information regarding e-transfer fees.


Donate by sending money electronically through PayPal, by clicking here. PayPal will forward your donation to the Georgetown Bread Basket, and we will mail you a tax receipt if you select the box that says “Share my mailing address with Georgetown Bread Basket” when you donate through the PayPal website.

Canada Helps

Donate money online through Canada Helps, a platform that allows people to donate securely to organizations like ours. To donate to the Georgetown Bread Basket through Canada Helps, click here. Canada Helps will forward your donation, and will issue a tax receipt.


Designate Georgetown Bread Basket as the recipient on your payroll deduction form at your workplace through your local United Way (or similar program). Charitable tax receipts will be issued directly to you through the program or the donation will be recorded on your T4.

Donor Enquiries

Please email our treasurer, Corina Pries at