Chocolate Lunchbox Chewies


Keeping your ingredients nut-free by using nut-butter alternatives and checking your oatmeal and pudding packets etc. to be sure everything is free of peanuts, helps to keep these healthy, filling and DELICIOUS snacks lunchbox-friendly! But don’t stop at the lunchbox; these high-fibre, high-protein chewies are a terrific snack any time of the day! …And, no, you can’t taste the beans!  



MAKES 18-24 Bars


Download the PDF Version of Chocolate Lunchbox Chewies

Unstuffed Cabbage Roll Casserole

So much flavour, so little fuss!



Download the PDF Version of Unstuffed Cabbage Roll Casserole

Power Bowls

The beauty of this meal is that you can combine any of your favourite healthy components. This five-part bowl is an awesome starting point, but feel free to customize to your heart’s content! 



Download the PDF Version of Veggie & Protein-Packed Power Bowls


The Great GBB “Pizzatta”Part pizza, part frittata, and totally irresistible!

Think outside the pizza box! This quick and simple pizza-frittata hybrid is perfect for those times that you have a homemade pizza craving but want to skip all the fuss (and waiting!) that comes with making a traditional yeast-leavened dough. Eggs are the secret here which makes this crust super-quick to prepare and reminiscent of an ultra-thin Yorkshire pudding. Another “eggcellent” bonus is that the crust comes with the added benefit of having extra vitamins and 

~Makes 1 Medium Pizzatta (6 slices)~🍕 


Download the PDF Version of The Great GBB Pizzatta

Cooking with Cornflakes

Extra-Crispy Whole-Grain French Toast 

Kick up the crunch (and the good-for-you factor!) with a few tweaks on a family breakfast classic! 

Makes 6 Slices


Ham & Cheese-Topped Finger-Lickin’ Chicken

The whole family will love this extra-crunchy take on an old-school favourite, chicken cordon bleu! Serve with your favourite side dish and veggies for an easy yet extraordinary meal that everyone will think took you all day to prepare! 

Serves 4 

Download the PDF Version of Cooking with Cornflakes