The food collected through food drives are the Georgetown Bread Basket's best source of high quality non perishable foods. Food drives also educate the public about the hunger that exists in our community.


How do I get started?
A food drive or fundraiser can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. It's all up to you. The first step is to set a beginning and end date for your drive. We recommend a two week food drive for optimal participation. If your location is not near a grocery store we recommend that you do a combination Food/Donation Drive. Often people will not remember to bring a food item with them or not be aware that you are running a food drive so giving them the option to make a cash donation is usually well received. Set a goal for how much food or financial contributions to be raised. Setting a goal allows you to build momentum for the drive. Register your food drive with us using the Events tab.

Will the Georgetown Bread Basket pick up my donations?
If you have registered, we will work with you to arrange a pick up date if needed. If you did not register with the GBB, donations can be dropped off during operating hours or, if you have too much food to bring in yourself, please call us but be aware that due to the fact that we are all volunteers, a pickup date may not be immediate, especially during our spring and fall food drive and during the busy holiday season.

What happens if your boxes of food are overflowing before the drive is over?
If your drive is even more successful than anticipated and your boxes are overflowing before the end of your drive, please contact us at: 905-873-3368 and we will be happy to make arrangements for you to drop off the donations or to schedule a pickup.

When and how will I know how much food/funds I raise?
If you would like to know how many pounds of food you donated please make us aware of that when you drop off or we pick up the donations. Although we do have a scale at the Food Bank its location is not easily accessible so we don’t routinely weigh all the food coming into the food bank. Any donation above $10 will qualify for a receipt. Receipts can only be made out to the person making the donation (not the person who collected it) If you provide us with the Donor’s Name, Address, Phone Number and amount, a receipt will be sent to them.

Whether you reach your goal or not, you'll be happy to reduce community hunger. Every bit of support makes a difference.